Discover the Savings & Perks of Propane Vehicles

Municipalities, organizations, and companies across Illinois are switching their vehicles to propane for improved fleet efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and reduced environmental impact. Propane autogas is more affordable than gasoline and diesel, there’s a large supply available right here in the USA, and it helps improve your bottom line. Making the switch to propane vehicles can mean thousands of dollars back for your business, but that’s not all! Continue exploring this page to discover all the benefits that come with choosing propane autogas.


Multiple Benefits for All Types of Fleets

School Buses

School buses:

School age children can enjoy cleaner, quieter, and more reliable transportation with propane autogas.

Delivery vehicles:

Fueling delivery fleets, such as transport vans, with autogas is affordable, reliable, and more eco-friendly.

Waste management and recycling trucks:

Propane autogas can be used to power refuse trucks involved in garbage collection and recycling.

Public transportation:

Public transit buses that run on propane autogas are more eco-friendly and require less maintenance.

Why Choose Propane Vehicles?

Cost Per Mile Is Significantly Lower

Cost Per Mile Comparison – Ford F-750

Fuel Maintenance Cost/Mile Fuel Cost/Mile Total Cost/Mile
Propane Autogas $0.063 $0.204 $0.267
Diesel $0.124 $0.434 $0.571

Enjoy Easy Refueling & Quicker Repair Times

Wondering about fleet infrastructure and whether propane autogas can support your bottom line? You can depend on your propane supplier to bring you the fuel you need, when you need it. Plus, autogas burns cleanly in your fleet’s engines, requiring less maintenance in the long run. You can invest this money elsewhere to increase the value of your business without compromising on efficiency.

Cut Harmful Emissions While Getting the Job Done

Propane autogas burns more cleanly than gasoline and diesel and produces fewer carbon emissions into the environment. This cleaner burn minimizes the environmental impact your fleet will have on the community, while still allowing you more uptime with reliable operation.

Receive up to a
$4,000 REBATE
toward a new
New Propane Vehicle

Rebates available first come, first served through December 31, 2024, or while funds last.

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